Saturday, October 31, 2009

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Sean E Cooper

Sean E Cooper is a Shining Star

“Live at the Studio” came alive with the presence of Sean E Cooper last Tuesday when he came in for an electrifying interview. Sean was my first guest at my new radio show “Vegas Stars” at “Live at the Studio”.

Sean is the host for the Fantasy show at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas and adds his comedic skills and dead on perfect impersonations of many of the greatest entertainers.

Many Las Vegas journalists refer to Sean as an “Impressionist Extraordinaire” and he does deserve that title. He has mastered the moves and voices of James Brown, Sammy Davis Jr. and Michael Jackson to name a few. My favorite is his hilarious take off of Tina Turner. His rendition of Tina Turner at the Dennis Bono Show gave him two standing ovations. Tina’s impersonation came about as a bet and it took Sean almost two months to put it together. His challenge was to master dancing on high heels and he accomplished that by practicing walking on carpets. Final result was that he was able to dance and run in heels.

I asked Sean who his favorite star to impersonate was and he said James Brown as he jumped up and started singing and dancing. What a sight that was to behold. Sean told us of the time that Michael Jackson’s father Joe came to see him perform and returned a few more times to see him.

Sean at the age of six spoke of his dream to perform after watching Fred Astaire dancing in a movie on television. He told his mom “I want to do that”. Sean has a natural born talent and there isn’t anything that he cannot do. He watches and then says, “I can do that”.

His first job was for Playboy’s Girls in Lake Tahoe as a back up dancer, “BUD” as he called it and laughed and I naturally wanted to know why he laughed. Sean gave us a description of his outfit which consisted of a cowboy hat, boots, a male thong and a bandana around his neck. I want to see a picture of that and if I get it I will share it with you in another column. Sean then went to work for the Holland American and Royal Caribbean cruise lines for 3 years and entertained the passengers.


In the Fantasy show, Sean captivated the audiences with his stand up comedy, his charm, magnetism and contagious smile. Sean is the only male performer in the show with all the beautiful girls. It was non stop laughing and left everyone wanting more until they thought their sides would split. This is the effect that Sean has on his audience. It was no different for us in the studio as we laughed non stop. His beautiful wife Christine Teixeira is still laughing after all these years. She never knows when to take him serious and she is always asking, “Are you serious or are you being funny?” Christine can never get mad at Sean because he is so funny and she can’t be mad when she is laughing. What a life. Everyone should be so lucky to have Sean as a husband.

Sean wrote and produced the music for the Masked Magician’s new show which airs on Monday nights at 9:00pm on Channel 12 on Cable T.V. Christine also manages the Masked Magician which keeps her quite busy.

Christine manages Sean’s career and proudly tells every one of his extraordinary multi talents which everyone will agree on. Sean’s dream is to have an HBO show and he is still reaching for that dream. She knows that Sean will not talk about his talents and that is why she boasts his qualities. Sean responds with “Does Superman talk about flying?” We know he fly’s and we know that Sean E Cooper is a Star and one day that star will be starring in his own HBO special.


Gary Alan

HERE’Ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss JAY

I have a new admiration for celebrity impersonators ever since I attended the Impersonators Convention last month. They performed in the Imperial Palace showroom with their show stopping talent. They were so real that the audience felt they were watching the real stars. What talent!!! I couldn’t get enough of the show. That is where I first met Gary Alan as he was being interviewed by Fox 5 news.

We have had many celebrity impersonators on our radio show and on Monday, appearing as Jay Leno, Gary Alan was our guest. . He is considered the top Jay Leno artist, bearing a remarkable likeness to Jay Leno and most important, he provides magic on the stage. He is busy hosting conventions, shows and fund raisers. He is a narrator, host and emcee and has great comedy timing. While living in Florida, he hosted a radio show and worked as a stand up comic.

His success is a result of the 25 years in show business and improvisational training. He performed at the Groundlings Theater in Los Angeles where many Saturday Night Live comics got their training with him. He has mastered many character and cartoon voices and his favorite voices are John F. Kennedy and Ronald Regan. He does over 12 accents and when I asked him to do a French accent, he sounded so sexy. As we talked he went in and out of character with his many voices and he was so perfect with each character. He did Grover Elmo, Cookie Monster and Miss Piggy. He had us laughing for almost the entire hour in the radio studio.

In addition to appearing in many of the Las Vegas Hotels, he has done a lot of radio and television voiceovers, infomercials and computer games. I told Gary I wanted to hang around with him because I loved his humor and his personality and loved being in his company. I love happy, positive people. And Gary will keep you happy and smiling.

Ladies……….Gary is single and looking for the right lady to come into his life. In my eyes he is one of the finest bachelors in Las Vegas. ) the lucky lady will never have a dull moment in his company and will be guaranteed a life of laughs, a life of fun and a life of love. In other words there is never a dull moment. What a way to go in this life.
Here’s to Jay.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mini Brittney

Terra Jole

Terra Jole is a mini version of Britney Spears from San Antonio, Texas and she has been wowing the crowds here in Las Vegas. I saw Terra Jole when she was the headliner in Little Legends at the Harmon Theater at Krave Nightclub in Planet Hollywood. She burst out onto the stage with such a powerful voice and unending energy. The crowd loved her. The show featured other little people who added to the fabulous show. Brothers Abdule and Adam Kone did awesome dance moves and had the room jumping with excitement.

Nikki Artale Jeff Dobson

I loved the emcee Jeff Dobson who had everyone laughing at his comedy, his jokes and his magic tricks. His glittery and outrageous clothes were a sight to behold and he was mesmerizing.

Beautiful 27 year old Mini-Britney, who is 4’ 2”, is a Mini Diva who deserves the title. She belts out the songs and dances up a storm. What a delight she is to watch. Her costumes look great and I love her glitter lipstick. Terra can do 4 to 5 wardrobe changes in her hour long show and an hour is not enough. I could have watched her for another hour.

Terra & Mini Elvis

Terra & Nikki

 Terra had been doing a Britney Spears tribute for one year when she started performing at Beachers Madhouse at the Hard Rock Hotel. I originally saw her when she was performing in the Mini Kiss Band as a mini version of Gene Simmons. They were performing on a side street stage near Imperial Palace at the launch of Paris Hilton’s first Debut Album. They were one of many acts to perform and they were the most popular and outstanding group that night. They had a cult following there and the crowd went wild watching their show. I had never seen little people perform before so this was a great experience for me. They were original and very unique and so entertaining.

Terra created the mini Britney act one night at a party when she was asked to perform and she made up the Britney routine and the rest is history. Her career took off with this act. Thanks to Lindsay Lohan who said “I want my own “Mini Me”. The media picked up on that remark and her phone started ringing with offers to be on T.V. shows such as Access Hollywood, Little People, Big World, The Osborne’s, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Learning Channel and many more.

Terra’s contract with Little Legends ended the end of November and she is now touring. I next saw her perform at the Hawaiian Tropic Zone at Planet Hollywood where she wowed the crowd.

Be on the look out for Terra to perform once again at the Hawaiian Tropic, but only this time she will be a mini Lady GaGa. Not only will you be wowed with her performance, you will be amazed at her outrageous outfits.


Friday, October 16, 2009

12 Most Perfect Men The Chippendale’s

The room was filled with women screaming; from the moment the Chippendale’s came on the stage and until the show ended. The energy and excitement was contagious as the Chippendale’s seduced and entertained with their hot sexy dancing. They first appeared on stage with their standard uniform, tight black leather pants, long black dusters and a bow tie. The emotions were overwhelming and intense and the room went wild. Waves of desire, longing for, wishing and wanting were strong thoughts to capture the hearts of any one of the beautiful, handsome Chippendale’s. It didn’t matter how old the women were, they all were so excited. It was hard to describe in words, but the feelings did not need any explanations. It was hot hot and the sexiest show I ever saw.

Carole Aronin & Nikki Artale

It is the #1 male review in the world with headquarters in New York, Las Vegas and London and the most recognized performance in over 25 countries. Hugh posters are displayed outside the theater and the women are so busy looking at the posters and taking advantage of a huge photo op, they don’t notice when the Chippendale’s walk by. I know I would never miss them. The sexual energy that exudes from them, their self confidence, their gorgeous smiles, you just know they are something special.

They sing and dance wearing cowboy outfits, men in uniform, and then with hardly any clothes on. They go into the audience and have hands on interactions and then bring some of the lucky women on stage where they become part of the act and putty in the hands of these hot steamy men. At the end of the dance routine the men turn their backs to the audience and rip off their underwear, standing butt naked for us in the crowd and the women facing them on stage get a full frontal view of them. “Only In America” Did I mention they are lucky?

Singer, songwriter Bryan Cheatham is the high light of the show with his great, powerful voice. He is the entire package with his body, looks and voice. After the 10:30pm show the Flirt Lounge opens and everyone goes in there to mingle with The Chippendale’s. They are so wonderful, friendly, flirting, gracious and true gentlemen. I saw the show twice and I plan to go back again.

We then invited James Wilcox and Jace Cripen to come on our radio show “Celebrity News” at All Talk Radio and it was thrilling to have them all to myself in the radio studio. James said he couldn’t be happier working with a great cast and crew. He said his audition took 13 months because positions don’t open up that much. He said this is the most incredible job in the world.

 James Wilcox &  Nikki Artale

Jace Crispen, the bad boy of the group, as he calls himself, says everyone loves a little bad in their life. Jace is featured in the 2007 calendar and has been in the show 2 years. He was in the European tour and said he was discovered while visiting Las Vegas and dancing at Studio 54. He was asked to audition for the Chippendale’s and was hired the next day. His dream job of being a Chippendale and full filling a fantasy for every woman there is a dream come true for him. 

Jace Crispen & Nikki Artale.

The Chippendale’s do a lot of charity events; they participate in the Christmas toy drive and appear for breast cancer awareness. I recently found them at a retirement home and just to show you that age doesn’t matter, there were 80 year old women who were excited to see them and one shouted out to take their clothes off and another one wanted to hand her room key to him. How cute and precious is that?

As you can see, you are never too young or too old to have the fires light up your young hearts. All it takes is looking at these 12 perfect men who you will never forget because they will stay in your memories forever.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Adam Hunter

Comics Are Good For The Soul

Watching the TV show Last Comic Standing a few weeks ago was such a disappointment because my favorite comic Adam Hunter did not receive enough votes to make it through to the finals. What is wrong with America? He was the funniest person on the show and I couldn’t help thinking back to when I saw him perform last month at Fitzgerald’s in Las Vegas.

Adam Hunter was the featured comic at the Fitzgerald Hotel and the crowd went wild with his insane stories. He has a unique humor in telling stories of his dysfunctional childhood. He said his mother was on drugs when she was pregnant with him and it must have affected him a lot because he was born in 2 months and weighed 7 grams. His psychiatrist gave him advice. He said “Live each day like it is your last, I tried that and now I have really bad credit”. He met a homeless guy in LA and when he asked how he was doing the homeless man said he was doing great and was waiting for a call back for “Cops”. Adam asked “Did you ever get so drunk that you felt like you were floating and it turns out that you have 2 bouncers holding you up in the air and carrying you out the door. The best is when they won’t let you get into a club without girls and he said “If I had girls do you think I would be trying to get in here.”

His boyish good looks and his timing skills were perfect. The audience related to his hilarious views of the world. He was a bundle of energy and you could see that he was putting his heart and soul into his performance. He had everyone’s attention in the room. Adam included a lot of the audience members and I sat in the front row and had quite a bit of interaction with him as he admired my bling bling cell phone.

Actually there were many people that Adam included in his act. I think the funniest part of the show is the interaction with the audience because their responses are so funny and unpredictable. Adam brought the room to life for the entire show and it was non stop laughing. I love comics who are not trying to be funny but just being themselves. Being natural is the best comedy. I guess I’m trying to describe the Sienfeld humor.

I found Adam Hunter to be charming, good looking and an all American young man who I would definitely want to have as a friend to hang around with. He will keep you laughing for hours and begging for more and you know that laughing is good for the soul.

Adam has appeared on The Late Show, E Channel, White Boyz N Da Hood, Comics Unleashed and VH1. He has traveled and appeared on hundreds of stages and he said his day isn’t complete until he gets up on a stage to do his stand up comedy act. Well my day was complete when he got up on the stage and delivered a fantastic performance. My soul is happy.

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