Friday, October 16, 2009

12 Most Perfect Men The Chippendale’s

The room was filled with women screaming; from the moment the Chippendale’s came on the stage and until the show ended. The energy and excitement was contagious as the Chippendale’s seduced and entertained with their hot sexy dancing. They first appeared on stage with their standard uniform, tight black leather pants, long black dusters and a bow tie. The emotions were overwhelming and intense and the room went wild. Waves of desire, longing for, wishing and wanting were strong thoughts to capture the hearts of any one of the beautiful, handsome Chippendale’s. It didn’t matter how old the women were, they all were so excited. It was hard to describe in words, but the feelings did not need any explanations. It was hot hot and the sexiest show I ever saw.

Carole Aronin & Nikki Artale

It is the #1 male review in the world with headquarters in New York, Las Vegas and London and the most recognized performance in over 25 countries. Hugh posters are displayed outside the theater and the women are so busy looking at the posters and taking advantage of a huge photo op, they don’t notice when the Chippendale’s walk by. I know I would never miss them. The sexual energy that exudes from them, their self confidence, their gorgeous smiles, you just know they are something special.

They sing and dance wearing cowboy outfits, men in uniform, and then with hardly any clothes on. They go into the audience and have hands on interactions and then bring some of the lucky women on stage where they become part of the act and putty in the hands of these hot steamy men. At the end of the dance routine the men turn their backs to the audience and rip off their underwear, standing butt naked for us in the crowd and the women facing them on stage get a full frontal view of them. “Only In America” Did I mention they are lucky?

Singer, songwriter Bryan Cheatham is the high light of the show with his great, powerful voice. He is the entire package with his body, looks and voice. After the 10:30pm show the Flirt Lounge opens and everyone goes in there to mingle with The Chippendale’s. They are so wonderful, friendly, flirting, gracious and true gentlemen. I saw the show twice and I plan to go back again.

We then invited James Wilcox and Jace Cripen to come on our radio show “Celebrity News” at All Talk Radio and it was thrilling to have them all to myself in the radio studio. James said he couldn’t be happier working with a great cast and crew. He said his audition took 13 months because positions don’t open up that much. He said this is the most incredible job in the world.

 James Wilcox &  Nikki Artale

Jace Crispen, the bad boy of the group, as he calls himself, says everyone loves a little bad in their life. Jace is featured in the 2007 calendar and has been in the show 2 years. He was in the European tour and said he was discovered while visiting Las Vegas and dancing at Studio 54. He was asked to audition for the Chippendale’s and was hired the next day. His dream job of being a Chippendale and full filling a fantasy for every woman there is a dream come true for him. 

Jace Crispen & Nikki Artale.

The Chippendale’s do a lot of charity events; they participate in the Christmas toy drive and appear for breast cancer awareness. I recently found them at a retirement home and just to show you that age doesn’t matter, there were 80 year old women who were excited to see them and one shouted out to take their clothes off and another one wanted to hand her room key to him. How cute and precious is that?

As you can see, you are never too young or too old to have the fires light up your young hearts. All it takes is looking at these 12 perfect men who you will never forget because they will stay in your memories forever.


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