Saturday, October 31, 2009

Gary Alan

HERE’Ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss JAY

I have a new admiration for celebrity impersonators ever since I attended the Impersonators Convention last month. They performed in the Imperial Palace showroom with their show stopping talent. They were so real that the audience felt they were watching the real stars. What talent!!! I couldn’t get enough of the show. That is where I first met Gary Alan as he was being interviewed by Fox 5 news.

We have had many celebrity impersonators on our radio show and on Monday, appearing as Jay Leno, Gary Alan was our guest. . He is considered the top Jay Leno artist, bearing a remarkable likeness to Jay Leno and most important, he provides magic on the stage. He is busy hosting conventions, shows and fund raisers. He is a narrator, host and emcee and has great comedy timing. While living in Florida, he hosted a radio show and worked as a stand up comic.

His success is a result of the 25 years in show business and improvisational training. He performed at the Groundlings Theater in Los Angeles where many Saturday Night Live comics got their training with him. He has mastered many character and cartoon voices and his favorite voices are John F. Kennedy and Ronald Regan. He does over 12 accents and when I asked him to do a French accent, he sounded so sexy. As we talked he went in and out of character with his many voices and he was so perfect with each character. He did Grover Elmo, Cookie Monster and Miss Piggy. He had us laughing for almost the entire hour in the radio studio.

In addition to appearing in many of the Las Vegas Hotels, he has done a lot of radio and television voiceovers, infomercials and computer games. I told Gary I wanted to hang around with him because I loved his humor and his personality and loved being in his company. I love happy, positive people. And Gary will keep you happy and smiling.

Ladies……….Gary is single and looking for the right lady to come into his life. In my eyes he is one of the finest bachelors in Las Vegas. ) the lucky lady will never have a dull moment in his company and will be guaranteed a life of laughs, a life of fun and a life of love. In other words there is never a dull moment. What a way to go in this life.
Here’s to Jay.


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