Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sean E Cooper

Sean E Cooper is a Shining Star

“Live at the Studio” came alive with the presence of Sean E Cooper last Tuesday when he came in for an electrifying interview. Sean was my first guest at my new radio show “Vegas Stars” at “Live at the Studio”.

Sean is the host for the Fantasy show at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas and adds his comedic skills and dead on perfect impersonations of many of the greatest entertainers.

Many Las Vegas journalists refer to Sean as an “Impressionist Extraordinaire” and he does deserve that title. He has mastered the moves and voices of James Brown, Sammy Davis Jr. and Michael Jackson to name a few. My favorite is his hilarious take off of Tina Turner. His rendition of Tina Turner at the Dennis Bono Show gave him two standing ovations. Tina’s impersonation came about as a bet and it took Sean almost two months to put it together. His challenge was to master dancing on high heels and he accomplished that by practicing walking on carpets. Final result was that he was able to dance and run in heels.

I asked Sean who his favorite star to impersonate was and he said James Brown as he jumped up and started singing and dancing. What a sight that was to behold. Sean told us of the time that Michael Jackson’s father Joe came to see him perform and returned a few more times to see him.

Sean at the age of six spoke of his dream to perform after watching Fred Astaire dancing in a movie on television. He told his mom “I want to do that”. Sean has a natural born talent and there isn’t anything that he cannot do. He watches and then says, “I can do that”.

His first job was for Playboy’s Girls in Lake Tahoe as a back up dancer, “BUD” as he called it and laughed and I naturally wanted to know why he laughed. Sean gave us a description of his outfit which consisted of a cowboy hat, boots, a male thong and a bandana around his neck. I want to see a picture of that and if I get it I will share it with you in another column. Sean then went to work for the Holland American and Royal Caribbean cruise lines for 3 years and entertained the passengers.


In the Fantasy show, Sean captivated the audiences with his stand up comedy, his charm, magnetism and contagious smile. Sean is the only male performer in the show with all the beautiful girls. It was non stop laughing and left everyone wanting more until they thought their sides would split. This is the effect that Sean has on his audience. It was no different for us in the studio as we laughed non stop. His beautiful wife Christine Teixeira is still laughing after all these years. She never knows when to take him serious and she is always asking, “Are you serious or are you being funny?” Christine can never get mad at Sean because he is so funny and she can’t be mad when she is laughing. What a life. Everyone should be so lucky to have Sean as a husband.

Sean wrote and produced the music for the Masked Magician’s new show which airs on Monday nights at 9:00pm on Channel 12 on Cable T.V. Christine also manages the Masked Magician which keeps her quite busy.

Christine manages Sean’s career and proudly tells every one of his extraordinary multi talents which everyone will agree on. Sean’s dream is to have an HBO show and he is still reaching for that dream. She knows that Sean will not talk about his talents and that is why she boasts his qualities. Sean responds with “Does Superman talk about flying?” We know he fly’s and we know that Sean E Cooper is a Star and one day that star will be starring in his own HBO special.


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