Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mini Brittney

Terra Jole

Terra Jole is a mini version of Britney Spears from San Antonio, Texas and she has been wowing the crowds here in Las Vegas. I saw Terra Jole when she was the headliner in Little Legends at the Harmon Theater at Krave Nightclub in Planet Hollywood. She burst out onto the stage with such a powerful voice and unending energy. The crowd loved her. The show featured other little people who added to the fabulous show. Brothers Abdule and Adam Kone did awesome dance moves and had the room jumping with excitement.

Nikki Artale Jeff Dobson

I loved the emcee Jeff Dobson who had everyone laughing at his comedy, his jokes and his magic tricks. His glittery and outrageous clothes were a sight to behold and he was mesmerizing.

Beautiful 27 year old Mini-Britney, who is 4’ 2”, is a Mini Diva who deserves the title. She belts out the songs and dances up a storm. What a delight she is to watch. Her costumes look great and I love her glitter lipstick. Terra can do 4 to 5 wardrobe changes in her hour long show and an hour is not enough. I could have watched her for another hour.

Terra & Mini Elvis

Terra & Nikki

 Terra had been doing a Britney Spears tribute for one year when she started performing at Beachers Madhouse at the Hard Rock Hotel. I originally saw her when she was performing in the Mini Kiss Band as a mini version of Gene Simmons. They were performing on a side street stage near Imperial Palace at the launch of Paris Hilton’s first Debut Album. They were one of many acts to perform and they were the most popular and outstanding group that night. They had a cult following there and the crowd went wild watching their show. I had never seen little people perform before so this was a great experience for me. They were original and very unique and so entertaining.

Terra created the mini Britney act one night at a party when she was asked to perform and she made up the Britney routine and the rest is history. Her career took off with this act. Thanks to Lindsay Lohan who said “I want my own “Mini Me”. The media picked up on that remark and her phone started ringing with offers to be on T.V. shows such as Access Hollywood, Little People, Big World, The Osborne’s, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Learning Channel and many more.

Terra’s contract with Little Legends ended the end of November and she is now touring. I next saw her perform at the Hawaiian Tropic Zone at Planet Hollywood where she wowed the crowd.

Be on the look out for Terra to perform once again at the Hawaiian Tropic, but only this time she will be a mini Lady GaGa. Not only will you be wowed with her performance, you will be amazed at her outrageous outfits.


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