Thursday, October 8, 2009

Adam Hunter

Comics Are Good For The Soul

Watching the TV show Last Comic Standing a few weeks ago was such a disappointment because my favorite comic Adam Hunter did not receive enough votes to make it through to the finals. What is wrong with America? He was the funniest person on the show and I couldn’t help thinking back to when I saw him perform last month at Fitzgerald’s in Las Vegas.

Adam Hunter was the featured comic at the Fitzgerald Hotel and the crowd went wild with his insane stories. He has a unique humor in telling stories of his dysfunctional childhood. He said his mother was on drugs when she was pregnant with him and it must have affected him a lot because he was born in 2 months and weighed 7 grams. His psychiatrist gave him advice. He said “Live each day like it is your last, I tried that and now I have really bad credit”. He met a homeless guy in LA and when he asked how he was doing the homeless man said he was doing great and was waiting for a call back for “Cops”. Adam asked “Did you ever get so drunk that you felt like you were floating and it turns out that you have 2 bouncers holding you up in the air and carrying you out the door. The best is when they won’t let you get into a club without girls and he said “If I had girls do you think I would be trying to get in here.”

His boyish good looks and his timing skills were perfect. The audience related to his hilarious views of the world. He was a bundle of energy and you could see that he was putting his heart and soul into his performance. He had everyone’s attention in the room. Adam included a lot of the audience members and I sat in the front row and had quite a bit of interaction with him as he admired my bling bling cell phone.

Actually there were many people that Adam included in his act. I think the funniest part of the show is the interaction with the audience because their responses are so funny and unpredictable. Adam brought the room to life for the entire show and it was non stop laughing. I love comics who are not trying to be funny but just being themselves. Being natural is the best comedy. I guess I’m trying to describe the Sienfeld humor.

I found Adam Hunter to be charming, good looking and an all American young man who I would definitely want to have as a friend to hang around with. He will keep you laughing for hours and begging for more and you know that laughing is good for the soul.

Adam has appeared on The Late Show, E Channel, White Boyz N Da Hood, Comics Unleashed and VH1. He has traveled and appeared on hundreds of stages and he said his day isn’t complete until he gets up on a stage to do his stand up comedy act. Well my day was complete when he got up on the stage and delivered a fantastic performance. My soul is happy.

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